Cody’s endeavors in art and music began during his elementary years in the New River Valley of Virginia. Piano, chorus vocals, and drawing lessons began at age five, and by age ten he had begun composing melodies and creating short comics.

In 2000, after encouragement from his parents and piano instructor, Cody played his first original composition during a bi-annual piano recital. During middle school, Cody discovered electronic, hip hop, and punk rock music through movie and video game soundtracks. Using hand-me-down keyboards, samplers, and guitars from his father and uncle, he began his first band in 8th grade, made up of several classmates who he would invite over each weekend to play instruments.

During his high school years, he established himself as an upcoming local musician, recording his first demos and playing his first shows at the age of 14. By age 17, Cody and his band mates had established a name for their band, “Porcelain Smile,” playing shows across Virginia. His fascination with electronic music production was criticized by his peers, leading to several experimental solo EPs under the name “Fusillade” between 2003-2005. “CBZL” began in 2005 as a music and art project focused on blending genres and different mediums of art. After graduating high school in 2007, he left his band and pursued solo music. He gained some recognition online, appealing to a network of fellow artists and fans. Cody also spent time recording and playing shows on the West Coast before returning to Virginia to begin college classes.

While majoring in graphic design, Cody continued networking with other musicians, touring and playing shows across the country. He began freelancing graphic designs for local and national clients in 2010. He also began filming and editing his first music videos in 2011. Cody began working with a mobile app development team creating educational games for elementary age children. During this time he began focusing more time into short comics and illustrations, leading to the development of the “Audio Warriors,” a life-long project focused on rival gangs yielding musically induced weapons, set in a futuristic world where live concerts blend with sports matches.

After graduating college in 2012, Cody relocated to Atlanta where he found freelance work as a production assistant on sets of various music videos and commercials. As of 2015, Cody has played shows across the country, released 10 “CBZL” albums and counting. All of his projects are available for free online. Cody has developed a great relationship with clients of his graphic designs in different fields- from apparel, to live events and brand identities. He continues to film and edit videos, and is currently learning animation techniques to garner more freelance work and bring the Audio Warriors to life.

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